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Hempin Jalapeno Salmon

Made with Vermont Pepper Works Hempin' Jalapeno SauceIngredients:
2 - 8oz Salmon Fillets
1 large leek cleaned and sliced thin on bias (2 cups)
1 cup White wine - your choice
1/2 cup Hempin Jalapeno
2 T Olive Oil

Generously coat salmon with ¼ cup Hempin Jalapeno. Set aside for at least 15 minuets.  Slice and wash 2 cups of leeks.  Pan sear the salmon in hot pan with oil until cooked to desired temp.  Take salmon out of pan and set aside.  Deglaze pan with a cup of white wine and ¼ cup of Hempin Jalapeno.  Toss the leeks in to the hot pan and cook until soft.  Top the salmon with the leek sauce.  

Serves 2. Suggest serving with wild rice.