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Member:   The Vermonter Candy
About Us:
Celebrating 65 years of candy-making, the Handy Family makes delicious maple nut brittles in their Putney, Vermont factory.
What we produce:
The Vermonter Candy makes gourmet peanut brittle, walnut crunch and cashew brittle using Vermont maple syrup. Our thin and delicate brittles are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, contain no artificial colors, artificial flavorings or preservatives. We also have a peanut brittle made without corn syrup. All candies are loaded with nuts. Packaged in boxes made from recycled materials.

How to contact us:
Carolyn Handy
PO Box 755
Putney, Vermont 05346-0755
Tel: 802-387-4040
Fax: 802-387-4110
Web site: