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Member:   Oak Knoll Dairy
About Us:
At Oak Knoll Dairy, a family owned farm in Vermont, we pride ourselves on producing great tasting Grade A goats' milk.

By raising the food for our LaMacha dairy goats, bottling the milk and making the Yogurt, we guarantee our products come to you fresh from our farm.

To your health.
What we produce:
Grade A pasteurized, bottled, 100% goats' milk, 2% reduced fat goats' milk, chocolate goats' milk and cup set plain goats' milk Yogurt.

How to contact us:
George Redick
PO Box 443, 1639 US Route 5 South
Windsor, VT 05089-0443
Tel: 802-674-9166
Fax: 802-674-9166
Web site: